What Our Patients Say About Us

“This center helped me out tremendously. Kudos to Dr. J. Brown and staff who recommended and referred me an orthopedic surgeon in Woodland who did a procedure that relieved severe pain in my lower back. It should be noted that prior to coming here, I received two opinions which entailed fusion of disk and rods one from Stockton and the other from Napa neither ever recommended this procedure (laminectomy) which took one hour of surgery and I was back to my routine in moderation of course within two weeks which is unheard of to my knowledge. In addition, I like to also give Kudos to office staff one in particular name Kayla who sets up appointments, informs doctor immediately of patient request, returns all calls,emails in a expedient, efficient, and timely fashion which sure makes my life easy. You cannot go wrong with this team as I have given testimony of their help, care, and support.”

Joe K

“I’ve been a patient with Spine and Nerve since 2003 when I first saw Dr. Reddy. I have horrible Sciatica pain. Through the years I have received treatment that has allowed me to live more a a normal life with a less pain. I was so thrilled when they opened an office in Elk Grove. I started treating with the P.A. Christina Guzman. Christina is smart, compassionate and she is truly interested in ensuring that you get the best treatment to relieve or eliminate your pain. Their front office staff is first rate. They are always friendly and professional. I adore Kayla. I can sincerely say without hesitation that you will get the best treatment they have to offer. I do have to say that you are always going to have one person or a few people that will feel differently. That is generally more a reflection on the person not the business. Perhaps they couldn’t get an appointment as soon as they wanted, but this is a busy practice. Don’t let that deter you. I seriously doubt you will be disappointed.”

Gerilyn C.

“Started going to this office a few months ago and have had nothing but the best experience. They always work with me on my crazy schedule and try there best to accommodate me at any of there three locations. Super happy with my care from Spine and Nerve! Keep up the amazing work guys!”

Cassie L.

“I can honestly state that Patricia McCarthy NP has been a godsend to coping with pain management. As a patient who has suffered cumulative trauma injuries to back, hips and psyche for over a decade, I never thought I would find a doctor or clinic to help my needs. From my first appointment (Jan. 2016), when I was at the lowest point in my life from physical and emotional pain, Patricia showed true compassion, listened to my complicated medical history, and designed a treatment plan. This includes a tens unit, back brace, injections, Rx and referred to acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, psychotherapy, MRI’s, etc. She has a very peaceful presence and genuinely cares about the patients wellness. I’m truly blessed to be under her care! Thank you Patty!

Furthermore, the entire staff at Spine and Nerve Diagnostic Center is amazing. Polite, friendly, caring, efficient and professional. I’ve been to UC Davis, Stanford and other fantastic hospitals but I would rate this doctor and clinic the best! If you’re in pain, I highly recommend visiting them for your needs.”

Frank M.